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Optum COVID-19 Vaccine Billing Services

Our complete, easy-to-implement solution helps public health agencies quickly recover administrative costs for vaccines.


Responding to the pandemic

Public health agencies have played a vital role in managing COVID-19 vaccination distribution. But with many not collecting insurance information from vaccine recipients and not equipped to bill administration fees, these agencies have shouldered vaccine administrative costs.

Insight into population vaccination rates

Billing for vaccine administration costs reimburses public health agencies, which in turn allows them to reinvest in other programs. Billing also generates data that gives payers visibility into their patient populations’ vaccination rates so they know more about their members’ health.

Simple, flexible reimbursement process

Optum® COVID-19 Vaccine Billing Services is a revenue cycle management (RCM) platform built for COVID-19 billing. It collects demographic files for all patients who received a COVID-19 vaccine in a public health facility. It conducts insurance discovery, payer/plan mapping, eligibility verification, claim adjudication and collection with no patient billing.

Solution benefits

  • Contain costs: No setup fees and zero out-of-pocket expenses to implement solution. 
  • Simple, flexible process: Simple file format and submission process designed for mass vaccination event process. 
  • Timely, accurate payment: Public administrators receive payment for all services rendered.
  • Reinvest: Payments can be reinvested into other essential public health activities and resources.
  • Understand member populations: Payers (Medicare, Medicaid, commercial) gain visibility into their patient populations’ vaccination rates.