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Optum Provider Management Services

Our intuitive self-service gateway and support system makes it easy for providers to participate and state staff to manage.


We know providers

We have wide-ranging experience managing provider networks. Our goal is to reduce administrative burden and build positive relationships.


Highly intuitive online portals

Real-time responses and streamlined processes allow providers to enroll in as little as 20 minutes.


Configurable to meet each state's unique needs

Apply automated enrollment decisions, configured instructions, automatic routing for missing information and 100+ rules customization paths.


Always-current status

Medicaid application information is always up to date, so the agency and providers have the latest status on the application process.

Integrate with other technologies

States can modernize their ecosystem without disruption. Our modular solution is MARS-E compliant, interoperable and MITA-aligned.


Simple enrollment and maintenance

The provider portal is intuitive. It guides providers step-by-step through the enrollment and submission process. Self-service features allow providers to quickly initiate, monitor and maintain their status in your Medicaid program.

Experience center and mail services support

We provide all points of contact to help providers with their questions and help make sure they are paid accurately and on time.

NASPO ValuePoint supplier for Provider Management Services

Save time by shortening the procurement process. Optum is a CMS pre-approved ValuePoint solution provider. Take a look at our NASPO Master Agreement.


See our solution in action

Request a demonstration and see the latest enhancements to our highly configurable, user-friendly solution.

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