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RallySM learns about users and personalizes the experience, connecting employees to relevant and engaging programs, challenges and incentives.


Engagement that’s fun, easy and immediate

Beginning with a fun and easy-to-complete health survey, users learn their Rally Age. The survey’s so easy that 96 percent of users complete it, providing a baseline of your population. Rally helps members create personalized goals — and action plans for achieving them.

Put members on easy-to-track missions

Big changes start with small steps. Rally missions are simple, healthy activities employees can fit into their daily routines. Based on health survey responses, we recommend missions to improve diet, fitness and mood. Plus, employees earn rewards every step of the way.

Challenges keep members engaged and motivated

Individual and group challenges drive engagement and get employees excited about Rally. Challenges provide a little friendly competition, motivation and the chance to earn rewards. Social media and gaming help support members' progress, individually and as a community.

Built-in scheduling and coaching interaction

With wellness coaching, employees can connect with a coach for one-on-one support and expert advice to help them create an action plan that fits their schedule and health goals. Rally's coaching tool is easy to use, and employees earn rewards for making healthy changes.

Integrate your health and wellness programs

Personalize your health and wellness programs by connecting them with Rally, which offers digital extension to many tools as well as device integration.

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