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Patient Help Line

Optum experts address patients’ immediate symptom concerns and clinical questions, day or night, 365 days a year.


Connect patients to the right level of care

Nurses are available to patients 24/7, 365 days a year. They address immediate symptom concerns and care options. Timely insights about a patient’s unique symptoms help patients make informed choices.

Non-clinical team members help patients find providers and schedule appointments when needed.

Empower and engage patients

Patient Help Line connects with patients at key moments along their care journey, supporting them in making care decisions and helping them address clinical care gaps. It helps patients stay consistent with their care plan and connect with their primary care provider (PCP).


Triage support and education

When patients call with symptoms, nurses help them understand their care options and any recommended at-home care steps.



Our nurses and non-clinical team members connect patients with providers and schedule appointments.


Medication refill

The Patient Help Line team manages medication refill requests, educates patients on dosage and possible side effects, and promotes medication adherence.

Provider escalation

Nurses reach out to your providers in any situation where physician expertise is needed.


EHR connectivity

The service is integrated into a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) workflow, so they have line of sight into patient care and support.

Ease provider’s administrative burden

Patient Help Line relieves the most common patient concerns that interrupt daily practice, including medication refills and clinical questions. If escalation is needed, nurses create immediate provider awareness to ensure urgent clinical needs are resolved quickly.

Providers have visibility into Patient Help Line patient interactions through information shared to the EHR. By acting as an extension of the provider’s practice — through coordinating care and alleviating administrative burden — it can help relieve provider burnout.

Proven value

Patient Help Line helps improve patients' access to care and outcomes and helps reduce providers’ administrative burden. The solution has proven value:


92% patient satisfaction

This includes patient willingness to recommend.*


More than 80% reduction in MD call escalation

This helps decrease provider burnout.*


50% of patients

Half of patients calling are recommended to a lower, more appropriate level of care.*


3.5:1 ROI

This is the program impact for revenue associated with network utilization and total reduction in medical spend.*

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*Not a guarantee of future performance. Your results may vary.