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Enhance Clinical Trial Design and Performance

Modernize your approach to protocol design and patient finding.


Streamline your clinical research

Clinical research is an essential element of our health care system. Without it, we cannot ensure the safety and efficacy of new therapies and major advances in health care technology. But many institutions conducting clinical research face a costly, onerous process.

With Optum clinical trial solutions, organizations can redefine the clinical trial process with an integrated digital solution that includes access to tools and data for protocol optimization, precision patient finding and data management.

Researchers can model the effects of inclusion and exclusion criteria to confirm they’re looking at a recruitable population. And they can take things a step further by working with Optum staff to accelerate patient enrollment.

Innovative technology and tools allow users to seamlessly capture study endpoints and other data. This minimizes the risk of manual data entry errors by sourcing trial data directly from the EMR into an EDC system.

From study planning and design to recruitment and enrollment, access end-to-end support and research-ready data for clinical trials that are more representative, efficient and streamlined.


Boost trial impact by finding the right patients

Reach diverse patients with the Optum® Digital Research Network, which offers access to 36 million potential trial participants in the U.S.

U.S. map generated by the Optum Digital Research Network showing number of lives by region U.S. map generated by the Optum Digital Research Network showing number of lives by region
prospector data mining studio on computer screen

Optimize Feasibility and Protocol Development

Get a better idea of how your eligibility criteria impact study feasibility, based on clinical data from over 100 million lives with the Prospector® Data Mining Studio.

Looking for solutions for your clinical trial site?

Learn how your provider organization can improve efficiency and patient outcomes with an integrated digital solution.

Use real-world data to enhance your clinical trial design

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