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Hospice Pharmacy Educational Resources

Our educational resources provide your staff with quick access to clinical information and a library of patient care tools and guides, as well as continuing education resources.


As part of our Hospice Pharmacy Solutions, we offer industry-leading educational resources that can increase your staff’s knowledge. Our hospice-based resources provide:

  • Immediate access to practical clinical information, such as an online clinical library and drug database

  • Hospice continuing education, like live monthly programs

Online clinical library for patient information

Stay informed with clinical protocols and medication use tools, deprescribing support, antimicrobial stewardship and more through our library of clinical documents. Resources include patient information leaflets and hospice talking points, along with details on adverse event reporting and regulatory updates.

HospiLearn™ education: Live and on-demand programs

To meet your staff’s educational needs, Optum provides free, live monthly programs on a variety of clinical and interdisciplinary topics. After the live event, programs are available on-demand to view at your convenience.

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HospiBooks: Palliative symptom and disease management

The Optum line of HospiBooks™ focuses on evidence-based palliative symptom and disease state management for clinicians providing care to patients at end of life, which includes:

  • Palliative Care Consultant
  • Wound Care at End of Life
  • Pediatric Palliative Care Consultant

HospiLink news digest

Subscribe to the HospiLink news digest for the most up-to-date clinical information on hospice and palliative care. This abstracting service, delivered once a month, gathers the most pertinent abstracts from hospice and palliative care literature, medical journals, newsfeeds and professional organization updates and delivers them in one concise email.


Lexicomp online drug database

This comprehensive database provides ready access to detailed medication information, which includes:

  • Adult and pediatric patient advisory leaflets in 18 languages
  • Lexicomp® Interactions combines medical literature and scientific understanding of drug interactions
  • Lexicomp ID helps identification on a variety of oral, topical and injectable dosage forms
  • Trissel’s IV Compatibility User training and support
Our goal is to educate everyone in the process of dying. Knowledge is power. Optum is a partner to achieve this goal.

Hospice Educator

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