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Hospice Pharmacy Clinical Programs

Our clinical programs and dedicated clinical consulting team trained in hospice care, provides strong support for your staff to help lower your costs.


With over 50 hospice and palliative care trained pharmacists and multiple hospice nurses, the Optum Clinical Services team offers a range of comprehensive hospice pharmacy solutions that assist you in complying with Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation (CoPs). Whether you need clinical consulting, support with formulary and plan dispensing decisions, or more robust clinical services, we provide support for your staff and enhance your mission in patient care and cost-containment.


Hospice pharmacist consultations

Get a better understanding of medication utilization, costs, quality and more with documentation of each patient’s clinical review. This helps you comply with Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation (CoPs).


Medication therapy profile review

HospiMTM™ provides a patient medication profile review retrospectively – upon admission and at least every 15 days thereafter. The pharmacist will provide additional reviews upon request for medication changes, symptom management and more.

Automated patient assessments software

Our proprietary clinical software HospiLogic checks for effectiveness of therapy, adverse effects, interactions, duplicate therapy and possible drug therapy alternatives, then prepares an electronic patient report whenever you need it.


Prospective drug utilization review

Get an Optum pharmacist’s real-time, prospective drug utilization review upon a patient’s admission and at least every 15 days thereafter. With HospiOnDemand™, the pharmacist provides a consultation — and documentation — for medication changes, symptom management and more.

Formulary and plan design options

Collaborate with your dedicated account manager and clinical team to choose the right formulary with various options designed to meet your unique needs.


Pediatric medication support

Pediatric medication profiles are often complex and include life-prolonging medications as well as symptom management medications. Our teams are specially trained in pediatric care. HospiPeds™ can provide valuable support for your hospice staff and enhance patient care.

Wound care consulting

Compromised skin integrity can contribute to physical, emotional and psychosocial distress. The HospiWounds™ program provides evidence-based wound care consulting services and resources to improve the quality of life.


Find out how we can help solve your hospice pharmacy challenges