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Hospice Pharmacy Analytics Tools

Our hospice tools enable you to track real-time drug utilization, monitor trends, identify opportunities and compare performance against benchmarks on key metrics.


With access to everyday utilization, cost and performance data right at your fingertips, our hospice analytics tools identify opportunities to improve patient care and lower costs. Decision support tools built specifically for hospice pharmacy include:

  • Hospice Best Practice Indicators (HBPIs)
  • High Quality Network
  • Referral Sources
  • Service Intensity Add-on Opportunities
  • Clinician Alerts for Patient Transitions

By utilizing these analytics tools, along with the support of our account management and clinical team, we can partner to meet your drug utilizations goals.

HospiTrac™ for utilization, cost and performance

Get the insights you need with a user-friendly, web-based tool. The HospiTrac™ reporting suite does the work for you, translating mountains of utilization, cost and performance data into concise, meaningful and valuable information for clinical and administrative managers.


HospiRxMonitor™ for prescriptions and profiles

Streamline reporting by using analytics with prescription and profiled data. HospiRxMonitor is a comprehensive reporting solution that uses scenario-based logic to look at compliance, patient outcomes, quality assurance process improvement and benchmarking.

HospiSurveillance for EMR data

By using the electronic medical records (EMR) interface and data in a new way, our clinical staff can connect with the hospice without changing its existing pharmacy services program. This proactive approach helps you make better decisions.

The support our hospice staff gets from Optum is priceless, and the ability to utilize the on-call pharmacist has proven to be crucial.

Hospice Director

Jennifer L.

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