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PreCheck MyScript: A Real-Time Benefits Tool

Get patient-specific prescription costs, lower-cost options and coverage details right at the point of care through your EHR platform.


The benefits of adopting PreCheck MyScript (PCMS)

Research found PCMS benefits patients, providers and pharmacies with lower costs, improved outcomes and reduced administrative burdens.


Save the patient money

When prescribers selected lower-cost alternative drugs suggested by PCMS, patients saved an average of $119 per prescription.1


Increase patient medication adherence

Patient medication adherence increased by up to 4% for three chronic conditions: diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.2


Increase patient adoption

Patients whose providers used PCMS were more likely to obtain their medication than those whose providers did not use the tool.3


Provide pricing transparency and avoid PAs

Providers save 50 minutes and $41.05 per patient prescription each time an alternative is selected, avoiding Prior Authorizations.4


Creating a better health care experience

Doctors in the U.S. write more than 4 billion prescriptions each year. PreCheck® MyScript helps make it easier, changing how physicians prescribe medicine.


Provider support and resources

By connecting billions of data points, we can help you make informed decisions about your patients and your business.


Resource library

Our pharmacies go beyond traditional pharmacy benefit management

Get access to Optum pharmacies tools and resources that can help you improve patient health outcomes.

Getting the most out of your real-time benefits check tool data

Continue to ePrescribe. Review patient information presented. When appropriate, switch your patient to a lower-cost equivalent alternative.

Using PreCheck MyScript

Prescribers gain access to available prescription options, out-of-pocket cost comparisons, real-time authorizations and benefit coverage information.

EMR integration

Embedded into your existing workflow

When ePrescribing, PreCheck MyScript runs a trail claim and displays patient coverage, drug costs, and alternative medications.


No forms, faxes or calls to make

With PreCheck MyScript, there are no forms to fill out, and there’s no need to send us a fax or make a phone call.

  1. Optum Rx analysis of full year (Jan – Dec ‘23) trial claim and production claim data.
  2. Optum Rx data within the diabetes, statin, and hypertension therapeutic classes, 2016–2018.
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  4. Third-party analysis of Optum Rx claims data, July 2017–November 2018.