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Behavioral health solutions

Optum is building a better future for behavioral health care.


The challenges facing health plans and members in the behavioral health ecosystem are complex and ever-changing. At Optum, our goal is to create a system of care where members feel seen, supported and valued.

Mental health care should be intuitive, equitable and accessible for all, with personalized and integrated experiences that provide measurable value throughout the entire journey.

Taking a focused approach to creating a better future for mental health care




We act as a seamless extension of your health plan to make whole-person health possible.


Ease of access

We expand care options and tools so that your members get the right care at the right time. 



We identify the specific needs of a population and create solutions along the way.



Our solutions deliver better outcomes while driving down costs. 

Making it easy to find mental health care

Finding care can be confusing. See how we’re using digital tools and personalized care guidance to make it easier to access mental health care.


Complementary solution

Substance use disorder solutions

We offer resources and support to help individuals achieve stabilization, build resiliency and sustain recovery.