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Global Emotional Wellbeing Solutions

A comprehensive and flexible employee assistance program (EAP) with proactive solutions and support for everyday life.


Going beyond traditional EAP benefits

We believe your entire organization thrives when your employees are empowered with:

  • Access to 24/7 support, from mental health services to tools for managing everyday life stressors
  • Personalized paths to wellbeing that increase employee engagement
  • Quality care delivered globally by local experts in 200+ countries
  • Investments in health literacy and leadership to improve outcomes

With our Emotional Wellbeing Solutions, you’re investing in the long-term health of your entire organization. Our extensive mental wellbeing benefits are based on clinical efficacy and produce positive results:

  • 83% of individuals report feeling more confident coping with issues1
  • Absenteeism among individuals is reduced by 1.5 days2
  • 3.8-day improvement in presenteeism3

A powerful investment in the wellbeing of your people

Our solutions help your managers and employees take charge of their health, so they can be more resilient and present every day.


Self-care tools

We offer convenient access to digital self-care tools, including self-assessments, mindfulness exercises and more.


In-person or virtual provider visits

One-on-one therapy sessions with credentialled professionals give employees expert help when needed.


Financial and legal counseling

Specialized support from financial and legal experts is available in individual personalized sessions.


Mobile emotional support

Your team can get real-time confidential support from specialists 24/7/365.


Management consultations and referrals

Managers and HR representatives can connect with our consultants for focused support designed for complex and everyday situations.


Training for managers and employees

Our seminars and webcasts cover a wide range of topics that help managers and employees with life, health and workplace challenges.


Critical incident response

Our network of extensive experts and on-site crisis counselors are ready 24/7/365 to help your people and organization recover.


Family support

Support for parents and caregivers around issues unique to youth.


Support when people need it most

While it’s getting easier to talk about mental health, it can still be a struggle to be open and vulnerable. Donnie shares how he was able to find support after a loss.

When I called, the reps on the phone were warm, caring and friendly. They listened without judgment and directed me to the proper resources.

— Donnie, an employee who called us for support

Connect your employees to emotional wellbeing support.


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