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Digital Engagement for Global Employers

Motivate more employees to take charge of their health.



Optum® My Wellbeing is a customizable and engaging platform that educates users about their health and motivates sustained behavior change. 

Health score: Empowering health ownership

Optum My Wellbeing provides a dynamic health score that measures a user's current health and wellbeing. The score changes in real time based on daily activities. Users can see how lifestyle choices impact the health score, promoting long-term behavior change.


Drive behavior change with AI coaching

By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, employees get access to a personalized and highly engaging experience with a digital coach.

The health coach is available 24/7 to help guide employees toward successfully completing a goal, or to refer them to other services.

How ING improved employees' health scores by 28 points

Increase engagement

Set company-wide challenges for all employees, teams or individuals to create fun and effective motivation for healthy behavior.

Employees can follow and share goals with others within the platform or via social networks. Incentives can be added to reward achievements.


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