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Pharmacy benefit management (PBM)

Our goal is to help plan sponsors and employees achieve better health outcomes and lower overall costs through Optum Rx pharmacy benefits.

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Why choose Optum Rx pharmacy benefits?

We go beyond what a traditional pharmacy benefit manager offers. Connected with the power of Optum, there are more than 200,000 people focused on fundamentally transforming how health care is accessed, delivered and paid for. Our role at Optum Rx® is to help you provide the best and most affordable pharmacy benefit plan — without compromising care.

What we deliver

When selecting a pharmacy benefit management partner, you need someone who is going to advocate for you. We provide:


Expertise and foresight

Using real-time analytics and clinical expertise, we deliver personalized strategies to better manage your pharmacy spend and trend.


Innovation and integration

You have flexibility to choose the programs that work best for you and offer a meaningful benefit and a better employee experience.


Uncompromised value

We provide the support your employees deserve while working to advance health equity for everyone.

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What you can expect from your PBM

You shouldn’t have to choose between what’s best for your employees and your business. We partner with you using data and technology, clinical expertise and deep industry experience to help guide and design your pharmacy benefits to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • Safe and affordable access to medications
  • Specialty drug management and support for chronic and complex patients
  • Clinical programs to improve outcomes and ensure appropriate drug use
  • Optimized networks encompassing home delivery, community, specialty and infusion pharmacies 
  • Lowest net cost drug procurement and pharmaceutical manufacturer negotiations 
  • Clinically sound plan design, formularies and benefit administration  
  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy and compliance
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Optum Specialty Medication Management

The cost and complexity of specialty drugs requires a solution that provides care without compromise. The outcome is a better experience and lower costs.

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Helping to lower pharmacy benefit costs

Let’s work together to achieve better clinical outcomes and pharmacy savings for everyone. Learn more about our pharmacy benefits and prescription drug solutions for: