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COPD Management Program for Employers

Provide personalized support for managing COPD.


COPD is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.1 Our dedicated nurses enable positive behavioral and clinical change.

Lower costs with personalized care

COPD costs the U.S. an estimated $49.9 billion each year.2 Among employers who offer the program, 100% said it helped their employees avoid time away from work. Among participants, 86% felt the program saved time.3

Help people take ownership of their health

People with COPD don’t have to manage it alone. Feelings of support and hopefulness increased more than 50% following participation in the program. And 89% of participants felt they understood their treatment options and recognized symptoms.3

Provide meaningful interactions with nurses

Personalized support leads to meaningful interactions: 94% of participants were very satisfied or satisfied with their nurse, and 85% noted the program is personalized. Nurses provide the right amount of interaction, said 93% of participants.3

Improve outcomes with streamlined management

With remote monitoring, the individual weighs in twice daily and responds to questions about symptoms. A nurse reviews the information and responds proactively. The result: 100% of users felt it helped them manage their COPD and would use it again.3

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