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Peer Support Services for Behavioral Health

Our peer services help people move from treatment to daily life and reduces re-admission.


Peer Program Outcomes

As more states want peers as part of their plans, we have led the way in making these services available.


Outpatient usage

States saw an 11% decrease in outpatient usage.*


Inpatient usage

There was a 26% decrease in inpatient admissions.*


ER visits

States saw an overall 17% decrease in ER visits.*


There was an overall 20% increase in medication adherence.*


White paper

Peer support: Impact on behavioral health recovery

Optum supports peer services in mental health systems in over 20 states, creating better treatment adherence, fewer re-hospitalizations and lower costs.

*Optum Tableau Workbook: BH Case Management Internal monthly/quarterly performance review, 2021.