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Precision Marketing

We help you more effectively reach and engage potential patients who need your services — and increase your marketing ROI.


What is precision marketing in health care?

Precision Marketing from Optum helps health system marketing departments make informed decisions to reach and engage the intended audience more effectively. We can help health care organizations create better targeted marketing that has the potential to:

  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Improve patient experience and empowerment
  • Drive and solidify brand loyalty

Through analytics technology that can integrate into your current health care marketing efforts, we help health systems more effectively reach and engage those in the community who need services — increasing their marketing ROI.

Drive your strategic plans and improve health care marketing effectiveness

We leverage a robust set of de-identified claims, clinical and consumer data to build advanced machine learning models. These models can predict clinical needs across your entire market. The solution filters the information for specific attributes and characteristics, which allows health systems to use data-driven precision marketing and branding to send customized offers or messages to thousands of distinct market segments. Precision Marketing will help you:

  • Predict consumer wants and needs through the disease prediction engine
  • Differentiate consumers into micro-segments that can drill down into more than 800 specific behaviors and demographics
  • Leverage our patented technology to personalize messages based on a user’s historical data
  • Integrate data from Precision Marketing into your current efforts with your existing ad agency
  • Personalize messaging, channels and spend for each audience based on concrete data

Harness the power of consumer data for health system growth and retention

Combine your Precision Marketing with Optum® Market Advantage (OMA) for end-to-end support with growth and business development. Optum Market Advantage supports health care marketing efforts with:

  • Powerful yet digestible growth insights
  • A tool to optimize and engage your physician network
  • The ability to evaluate service line performance and growth opportunities in your market
  • Ways to identify new investment, rationalization and ambulatory market expansion growth opportunities

Our solution for health care precision marketing



Increase engagement and retention


Improve patient experience and empowerment


Drive and solidify brand loyalty

Custom assessment

Get a custom market assessment

The Optum robust ambulatory data and deep longitudinal, adjudicated claims database allows users see cohort journeys over time.* Let us run a custom assessment for your market to give you a preview of the kind of information our analytics tools can aggregate.



AdventHealth achieves 474:1 ROI

AdventHealth used Precision Marketing to achieve transformative results. Sharon Line Clary, vice president of strategic marketing and communications at AdventHealth, shares her advice for health care organizations thinking about their marketing strategy.

Target the right consumers in your market

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*All data is de-identified and use of the data is consistent with applicable privacy laws and customer agreements.