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Network Planning

Advance your growth strategy with network analytics and insights.


Maximize your network's potential

In an era where health care organizations are asked to do more with less, network planning tasks are no exception. Network planning teams need a solution that provides quick, impactful insights on where to make moves — and even does some of the heavy lifting for them.

Optum® Network Planning is a managed service for health care teams looking to develop, refine or enhance their network strategy.

Using data-driven intelligence, Optum helps leaders measure provider cost, efficiency and quality performance against others in the market, specialty or disease, and condition levels.

We provide the full-time support necessary to identify areas for improvement, drive changes and empower a successful network strategy.

How we help organizations

Leveraging a fully longitudinal database with 120 million lives spanning multiple payer and claims types, Optum experts pull their insights from customizable provider-level benchmarks and industry-standard analytics to help organizations:


Optimize the network

Optimize the network with review of various data points to make informed decisions.

Identify risk

Identify risk to view unnecessary drivers of utilization and predict risk and costs.


Evaluate performance

Evaluate provider performance to model best practices to make necessary interventions.

Advance your growth strategy

An effective network strategy can advance an organization’s growth strategy — but all too often network strategy falls short, failing to account for new market forces like the rapid movement to value-based care.

Optum® Network Planning is an analytics service that provides organizations with a robust library of network analyses and insights centered around building, managing and optimizing the network. 

These analyses are built and delivered by supplemental staff from Optum that are dedicated to helping organizations get the most out of their data by crunching numbers, identifying opportunities and applying insights.


Network Planning

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