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Optum Market Advantage

Perform more effectively in your local market with robust, actionable data analytics coupled with advanced business insight.

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Strengthen your growth strategy

To make your organization run more effectively, you need to uncover the right data and the right health system insights, but that can be easier said than done. Find out how Optum Market Advantage can provide you with the strategic insights to navigate a changing market and better support your population.

Analytics solutions to support your clinical, growth and financial initiatives

Optum Market Advantage (OMA) is a comprehensive planning solution that combines local market analytics, scenario planning tools, business planning intelligence and leadership resources for true end-to-end support of a hospital’s growth and business development needs.

The solution provides:

  • Powerful yet digestible growth insights to curate the best possible strategic plan
  • A tool to optimize and engage your physician network
  • The ability to evaluate service line performance and growth opportunities in your local market
  • Ways to identify new investment, rationalization and ambulatory market expansion growth opportunities


Achieve strategic outcomes with health care data analytics

OMA helps health systems streamline access and capacity and develop an ambulatory expansion strategy. Our action plan provides health systems with the data-driven analytics to:

  • Evaluate inpatient resource utilization and opportunity to manage capacity in an inpatient setting
  • Develop a consumer-oriented ambulatory support network so patients can access the right level of care quickly
  • Evaluate feasibility of telehealth
  • Evaluate market opportunity
  • Determine right-size program score
  • Implement strategy

Feel confident in your decisions with our extensive health care data analytics that include longitudinal data to help you access the full patient journey. This solution will enable you to:

  • Support care providers with data insights to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based care by proactively engaging people in their health
  • Coordinate pharmacy, medical and behavioral care to provide people with affordable access to prescription medications and therapies
  • Connect the health care system with advanced data, technology and analytics to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary friction in clinical administrative and financial processes


Unifying strategy, marketing and network performance

Optum Market Advantage provides analytic data to support a health system’s decisions for growth strategies. Combining data from Optum Market Advantage and Precision Marketing helps health systems acquire and retain their highest value consumers at a lower cost by increasing the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

Precision Marketing offers health systems:

  • Consumer acquisition opportunities for financial growth
  • Predictive clinical models, psychographic profiles and sociodemographic metrics for specific consumer populations
  • A way to build highly personalized marketing campaigns
  • The ability to measure actual patient acquisition and revenue performance of your precision campaign

What sets Optum Market Advantage apart?

Historic data foundation

Optum has one of the most robust datasets in the market, with over 1,800 sources, 18 billion unique claims and 300 million lives covered.

Proprietary data analytics

We layer our proprietary referral analytics on top of raw claims data to turn data into actionable insights you can use.

Physician Relationship Management (PRM)

Our PRM solution integrates seamlessly to combine claims data with physician interactions to analyze trends and measure ROI.

User support for data tools

Our support structure includes a team of experts to help you realize ROI by targeting the tool to achieve your organization's goals.

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Get a custom market assessment

The Optum robust ambulatory data and deep longitudinal, adjudicated claims database allows users see cohort journeys over time.* Let us run a custom assessment for your market to give you a preview of the kind of information our analytics tools can aggregate.

Enhance your growth strategy and gain an edge on your competition

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*All data is de-identified and use of the data is consistent with applicable privacy laws and customer agreements.