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Let's connect at the 2021 MESC conference

We're looking forward to seeing you in Boston, Aug. 9–12

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Better health care for all. Let’s work together, empowered by technology.

Optum is proud to sponsor the 2021 MESC conference, and you’ll see our team throughout the event. Connect with us by visiting our demonstration room where you can experience the technologies that enable better health care outcomes.

Take part in the charitable giving activity at our exhibit booth and attend our informative speaker sessions. However we connect, we’re looking forward to partnering with you to create better health care for all.

For details on seeing our solutions in action, our charitable giving activity and speaker sessions, click on the tabs above.

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Schedule a product demonstration or meet with us at MESC

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See our solutions in action

Visit our demonstration room where you can experience the technologies that enable better health care outcomes.

Optum Provider Management Services

This self-service gateway and support system for your provider community creates a one-stop shop for providers to enroll and participate in state Medicaid programs. Powered by configurable COTS products, our solution is delivered through web-based portals.

Optum is an approved vendor for the NASPO ValuePoint Provider Services module.

Optum Claims Administration

This is our services-based, COTS solution and MITA-aligned claims processing and management module.
Our solution draws on our scale and experience across health care to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Improve payer/provider relationships
  • Make the payment system more efficient

Optum is an approved vendor for the NASPO ValuePoint Claims Processing and Management Module.

Optum Utilization Management

Our services-based solution offers end-to-end utilization management. This includes clinical review and prior authorization of proposed medical treatments and procedures that health care providers request on behalf of their Medicaid patients.

Backed by best practices in clinical staffing and workflows, our clinical professionals make timely decisions to facilitate members’ appropriate courses of treatment.

Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services

Optum® Interoperability and Patient Access Services is a cloud-based solution that is already in use. It can help state Medicaid agencies meet compliance with all components of the CMS final rule. We can provide one or all components depending on a state’s needs, including:

  • API translation and mapping of eligible data to the FHIR format
  • Secure data storage
  • Management of third-party access to patient data

Together, these components enable states to comply with all CMS requirements.

Optum Performance Analytics for Health and Human Services

This service delivers a modular analytics platform that draws on enterprise data management for better insights. Bringing together a diverse set of assets gives you a comprehensive view of your HHS organization. Discover opportunities and patterns and uncover pockets of risk.

Advanced Communications Engine (ACE)

ACE is an automated EDI platform that helps providers validate their claim submissions before entering claims adjudication. The result is reduced administrative expense for providers and timely payments.

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Connect with us at our booth for a charitable giving activity

On Monday and Tuesday, stop by our exhibit booth and take part in our charitable giving activity to support the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. We’ll be putting together care kits. The state team that puts together the most kits wins a donation to the Boys & Girls Club in their state.

Stop by again on Wednesday to get a new headshot by a professional photographer.

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Attend our session

New Approaches to Operational Efficiencies: Two State Examples to Consider

Tuesday, Aug. 10, 4 p.m. ET

Moving Beyond “Health Care” to Address the Social Determinants of Health:

How States Integrate Medicaid and Human Services to Gain a Broad View of Individuals and Families and Are Improving Outcomes

Tuesday, Aug. 10, 5 p.m. ET