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Design for Fitness and Well-being

With over 30 years' experience and 500 design projects, we know how to bring your fitness and well-being vision to life.

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Design expertise you can rely on

Our design team is committed to the successful development and launch of your vibrant fitness and well-being spaces. We have relationships with all major fitness and well-being vendors, enabling us to deliver a full turn-key solution while securing discounted pricing and reducing installation time.

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Seamless project planning and development

The successful launch and operation of your space is our top priority. Our team consults with architects and project teams throughout the design process to create an attractive, highly functional facility. 

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Bring fitness and well-being visions to life

As the leading provider of employer-based fitness and well-being solutions, Optum has consulted on everything from boutique to single-tenant corporate to multi-tenant property fitness centers.

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