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Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

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Register for free direct deposits and explanation of payment from Optum by enrolling with InstaMed, our payment facilitator. Optum can deliver a simplified payment experience with free electronic remittance advice and electronic funds transfer (ERA/EFT).

ERA/EFT is a convenient, paperless, and secure way to receive claims payments. Funds are deposited directly into your designated bank account and include the TRN Reassociation Trace Number in accordance with CAQH CORE Phase III Operating Rules for HIPAA standard transactions.

Get an Explanation of Payment via a secure Provider Portal and view, download or set up a direct transmission of the 835 file into your system for better payment reconciliation free of charge. Sign up as many users as needed so they can track the status of claims and payments at any time.

Additional benefits include:

  • Accelerated access to funds with direct deposit into your existing bank account
  • Reduced administrative costs by eliminating paper checks and remittances
  • No disruption to your current workflow — ERAs can also be routed to your existing clearinghouse

For more details, please review the below helpful links/videos: