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Formulary updates for providers

Optum helps minimize patient disruption by providing guidance during formulary cycle updates, allowing for greater medication adherence.

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New updates added for Optum Rx recent formulary cycle change

See summary of all new formulary updates, which include exclusions and uptier changes.

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Utilization management updates and formulary change flyers

Notices on prior authorization, quantity limits and step therapy changes.

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Supporting your patients

During formulary cycle updates, Optum Rx reaches out to impacted patients with the information they need, including suggested covered alternative medications. We’re here to support you and your patients through this process.

Here are a few things you can do to help make the transition smoother for your patients:

  • Reach out to your patient
    Or they may be contacting you with questions.
  • Discuss their options
    Determine if other covered medications could benefit the patient.
  • Select the medication
    If alternative medication is selected, send us an e-prescription. (Send CancelRx for the affected medication.)
  • Sticking with their current medication?
    A prior authorization may be required. Visit go.covermymeds.com/optumrx to submit.