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Transplant Solutions for Health Plans

Get significant savings and statistically superior outcomes.

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Organ transplants can be lifesaving treatments

Transplants are costly and complex. Without careful contract negotiation, along with provider oversight, financial and clinical outcomes can vary dramatically.

That’s why thousands of clients partner with Optum to reduce medical expenses and to gain access to quality transplant providers through our unique Transplant Resource Services (TRS) and Managed Transplant Program (MTP).

Costs vary depending on the type of transplant and where, geographically, the transplant is being performed, leading to unpredictable costs. 

Optum Transplant COE network

The Optum Transplant Centers of Excellence (COE) network delivers access, choice and exceptional value.


189 COE facilities


1,112 COE programs


Over 100,000 people awaiting transplants

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Transplant Resource Services

Our transplant Centers of Excellence (COE) network is at the heart of how we help Commercial, Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid payers. TRS provides clients access to this specialized network, which delivers deep savings through better contracted rates. Payers have access to averages of 58% Commercial, 66% Medicare and 62% Medicaid savings rates.

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Managed Transplant Program: Full-risk solutions for health plans

This program addresses the high costs and complexity of transplant cases. Case management expertise helps us leverage our full breadth of services.

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Explore our solution

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Managed Transplant Program

Manage the risks of complex medical conditions.