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Oncology Management Programs for Health Plans

Manage cancer costs and improve outcomes and quality of care.

Improve patient experience, outcomes and costs

Our cancer specialists align the right care at the right time with the right provider, grounding all we do in evidence-based medicine.


Rising global spend

$240B on oncology therapies supportive care drugs by 20231

Increasing number and complexity

Increasing number and complexity2


More cancer diagnoses

38.4% of Americans will be diagnosed in their lifetime3


Additional insight

2x medical knowledge doubles every 73 days4

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Cancer Support Program

The Optum® Cancer Support Program (CSP) is an integrated approach that closes gaps in care. With CSP, members have access to a specialized nurse case manager and support from an entire team of cancer experts.

CSP nurse case managers provide network guidance, education, pain management, treatment adherence, and palliative and end-of-life care.

Ensuring the patient’s condition is properly managed helps avoid hospitalizations, emergency department visits and inappropriate treatment, thus reducing total cost of care for clients.

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Cancer Guidance Program

The Cancer Guidance Program (CGP) is an evidence-based cancer treatment, utilization management and analytics service. CGP helps reduce medical expenses associated with a range of high-cost, complex cancer treatments.


CGP supports providers serving over 27 million members across multiple clients. It generates more than a 10:1 ROI by mitigating cost trends, even before implementing value levers such as Pathways and Preferred Products.5

Proven outcomes

  • Provider Net Promoter Score: 63
  • 79% of requests entered by provider through CGP website
  • 92% preferred product adherence

The Specialty Guidance Program (SGP) and CGP are part of the Specialty Medical Guidance Program family. CGP focuses on cancer conditions, while SGP focuses on specialty non-cancer conditions. 

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Cancer Resource Services

Cancer Resource Services (CRS) provides access to top-performing cancer centers across the country, known as our Cancer Centers of Excellence (COE) network. 

The Optum COE network includes 37 leading cancer centers that meet strict evaluation criteria such as: 

  • A multidisciplinary approach to care
  • Program depth and breadth
  • Best-practices medicine
  • Patient- and family-oriented programs and services
  • Patient volumes
  • Treatment planning and coordination
  • High-quality clinical research
  • Patient safety

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