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Mobile Medical Units (MMUs)

Optum Serve offers a full fleet of medical-grade mobile units to provide care with remote, state-of-the-art technology ready to deploy to rural or urban locations.


Benefits and uses of a Mobile Medical Unit

As part of our Public Health, Preparedness and Response Services, get flexible solutions for community care services, vaccinations and more.


Care in emergent situations

We can deploy quickly when traditional care infrastructure has been impacted due to hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, flooding, infectious disease outbreaks, bioterrorism attacks and other events.

Health care equity programs

We can help you address health inequities in traditionally underserved areas that lack adequate, permanent health infrastructure.

Extra space and flexible infrastructure

We can set up inside fixed facilities as well as provide extra space and security for screenings, lab testing and safe storage of supplies.


Full-service vendor support

Our services include technical maintenance, satellite and Wi-Fi network connection assistance, daily cleaning and more.

Border health solutions

Our care teams have expertise in providing health care services for migrants and refugees in a variety of locations.


Vaccination services

We can procure, distribute and deliver vaccinations to any group of people, from the elderly to children who need school-required immunizations.


Small MMUs for events and disaster site ops

Our smaller mobile health care units are ready to serve as your base for public health events and disaster site ops. These versatile 25-foot, dual-axle trailer units can be moved with a full-size pickup truck and offer:

  • Deployment within 24 hours from multiple locations nationwide
  • Electrical power and air conditioning powered by external generator or shore power
  • Cabinetry and counter space with 2 prep stations
  • Medical-grade refrigeration of up to 600 vials
  • Environmentally controlled inside workspace
  • Extra storage for tents, chairs and other supplies
  • Biometric monitoring stations for first responder rest and rehab

Large MMUs for austere communications and long-term power

Our larger units can serve as a mobile clinic with 3 treatment areas, plus an administration room. These units feature austere communications and long-term power with a 15-kilowatt, 120/240-volt gasoline/propane generator.

The larger units are 53-foot, highway box trailers. Movable by semi-tractors*, the units also feature:

  • Deployment within 72 to 96 hours from multiple locations nationwide
  • 4 environmentally controlled rooms with electrical outlets
  • 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer, all medical grade
  • 2 portable stairs for right-side entry doors
  • 50-gallon gasoline tank and 48-gallon freshwater tank
  • TOUGHSAT satellite system
  • VoIP phones, telehealth video and audio comms
  • Lift gate and two stretchers with a capacity of 4,400 lbs.
  • Input for shore power to connect to a fixed site

Bus-based medical facilities

Our fleet includes a 26-foot and a 45-foot motorcoach that provide self-contained mobile medical spaces. These bus-based medical facilities offer:

  • Deployment within 48 hours from multiple locations nationwide
  • 110-volt electrical outlets throughout coach, plus water, wet and dry waste powered by an onboard, full-efficient generator
  • Vehicle heating and air conditioning
  • Commercial Wi-Fi for laptops and printers
  • Air filtration system with Merv8 filters
  • Full-service maintenance in all 50 states
  • Professional, commercially certified drivers with DOT medical exam certificates and background checks with drug and alcohol screening
  • Site setup and takedown
  • Whole bus sanitation and nightly deep cleaning
  • Mobile operations, infrastructure and logistics 
Optum Serve integrates a wide range of health services… to serve as critical assets during weather emergencies or public health crises to reach those that aren't able to access traditional health solutions.

Director of Preparedness and Emergency Response, Optum

James Mason

Customized Mobile Medical Unit solutions

Learn more about how Optum Serve can help you create tailored, community-based health care strategies.

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*Commercial driver’s license (CDL) required for operation.