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Dedicated support for women and families

Our integrated health solutions create a streamlined and positive member experience. We help to identify risk factors, educate mothers and families, improve birth weights and reduce complications.

We focus on lowering infertility treatment costs and increasing the likelihood of pregnancy, identifying and providing care for pregnant women, and improving outcomes for infants admitted to the NICU or other specialty care units.

Why Optum Women’s Health?



3M+ pregnancies managed

Our case managers have 10+ years of specialty expertise.


Our ROI lowers costs and improves outcomes.


Flexible programs

Evidence-based action plans help to maintain optimal health.

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Complementary solutions

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Fertility Benefit Programs

Improve fertility outcomes and reduce costs.

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Maternity Support Program

Help deliver healthier babies and improve outcomes.

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Neonatal and NICU Support Programs

Support infants and families to improve outcomes.

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Obstetric (OB) Homecare Programs

Help improve high risk pregnancy outcomes and patient experience.