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Wellbeing in the Workplace Study

Global employers share insights on their efforts to adapt wellbeing strategies to meet their greatest workplace challenges.


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Employers share today’s top wellbeing challenges

Optum recently surveyed 405 large companies around the world to better understand current health and wellbeing strategies and practices.

These companies shared with us some of the largest challenges that come with implementing successful health and wellbeing strategies, as well as their approaches to addressing these challenges. The top issues facing these employers include:

  • Financial pressures
  • Ongoing mental health concerns
  • Meeting the diverse wellbeing needs of today’s workforce
  • Declining employee engagement
  • Navigating digital innovation and integration

This year key findings in our Wellbeing in the Workplace study highlight areas of focus across the globe.

Study methodology

The study identifies health and wellbeing programme trends in large employers around the world.



This study represents over 405 employers located throughout APAC, EMEA, LATAM, and the US.



Our survey represents global businesses who have over 3,000 employees.



We gathered feedback from decision-makers in roles across human resources, executive management, and health and wellbeing. 



This survey was administered online from 11 April to 3 May, 2023.

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White paper

Navigating today’s wellbeing challenges

Implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy isn’t always easy. This white paper examines the top challenges in detail, with a focus on global and regional trends, and the ways employers are pivoting to respond. 

Download white paper

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Global Emotional Wellbeing Solutions

A modern employee assistance program that provides your employees with proactive support for everyday life.

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Workplace Wellbeing

Get tailored support from wellness coaches, movement experts, health promotion specialists and digital fitness apps.

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Digital Engagement

Help motivate employees to improve their health with goal setting, challenges and communication triggers.

Optum can help advance your health and wellbeing strategies

Our integrated solutions can help your company build a culture of health and improve wellbeing.