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Workplace Well-Being for Global Employers

Bring your organization's wellness strategy to life.

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Health promotion specialists, wellness coaches, movement experts and digital fitness apps provide your employees support for a healthier workforce. 

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Leverage health promotion specialists

Embedded in your organization and culture, the health promotion specialist gets to know your employees, promoting and supporting their well-being needs. The program is tailored to your population and provides your well-being engagement strategy with 1:1 support.

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Get help from certified wellness experts

Wellness coaching helps motivate employees to stay healthy with 1:1 sessions and group coaching to help employers create and realize their own goals. Your wellness coaches will be credentialed, certified and experienced in both your corporate and local cultures.

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Keep your workforce healthy and moving

Our specialists will help your employees understand the importance of movements throughout their day while helping reduce discomfort and the risk of injury. We offer a range of support, from workplace assessments to organizing low-impact breaks that help energize employees.

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Support employees' digital fitness goals

Daily Burn™ provides access to fitness programs at home and on-the-go through multiple platforms and devices. Volt provides workouts and trainings that can be done anywhere. Both solutions are ideal for remote populations or facilities without a fitness center.

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