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Executive perspectives

How AI and other technologies can help heal the health care system

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Where should health leaders across the system prioritize tech investments?

There has been a profound and immediate dependency on technology innovation and adoption in light of COVID-19. Now, we’re all asking the same question: Where do we go from here?

In a new e-book, leaders from across Optum offer sector-specific perspectives and advice on tech applications that can help you best meet the direct needs of your customers. Regardless of which area of health care you represent — care providers, health plans, employers, life sciences organizations, or state or federal agencies — you want to make the health system work better. And streamlined, connected tech can help you do that. 

Optum experts have defined a pathway toward the achievement of those simultaneous goals and explain how strategically implementing technologies will help get us there. Fill out the form to download the e-book today. 

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Executive Perspectives
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