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Address health inequities to improve outcomes

CMOs play a key role in creating an equitable health system.


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Improve outcomes through health equity

The statistics are overwhelming, with millions of people not able to receive the care they need or achieve good health. We see it in maternal health, mental illness, diabetes, childhood asthma and infant mortality. We're not achieving equitable outcomes across gender, race or socioeconomic groups.

We can achieve health equity with a combination of intelligent data, a thoughtful process and human understanding. Learn new ways to approach the structural issues that are leading to poor health outcomes. This article explores how CMOs can:

  • Build a sightline to unrecognized bias
  • Help define the issue for their organization
  • Create cultural momentum for health equity
  • Expand efforts into the community

CMOs can help staff recognize structural racism and its impact on clinical outcomes. They can enable their organizations to think more holistically about social determinants of health. And they can bring forward a diverse set of voices to drive cultural shifts.

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