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A new foundation for demonstrating value

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Health care expenditures are rising, fueled in part by an increase in the development of specialty medications.

Life science companies, health plans and providers are challenged to identify those product innovations that could have the greatest impact on patient outcomes without significantly adding to the financial burden of health care.

The integration of electronic health record (EHR) and health claims data offers a new foundation for demonstrating value by solving for cost and clinical outcomes. It also better connects the health care ecosystem by helping balance the tradeoffs between costs and population health.

This special webinar hosted by MM&M will demonstrate for commercial and brand teams how integrated claims and EHR data:

  •   Provide a unique perspective on value
  •   More clearly identify market opportunities
  •   Enable products to stand out in a crowded marketplace
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Lou Brooks
Real-World Data and Analytics, Life Sciences, Optum

For the past 20 years, Lou Brooks has served in a variety of data and analytics roles, all focused on developing a better understanding of customer behavior.

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