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2022 International Wellness in the Workplace Study

Global employers share insights into health and wellbeing strategies to combat the great resignation and move from attrition to attraction.


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Attrition to attraction: The wellbeing factor

Optum surveyed 347 large employers around the world to better understand current health and wellbeing (H&W) strategies and practices.

Findings from the 2022 benchmark study reveal employers recognize the importance of health and well-being programmes to help support both recruitment and retention. Employers from APAC, EMEA and LATAM share some commonalities as it relates to health and well-being strategy, with some unique differences across regions.

Explore key findings from the annual survey to learn how global employers have adjusted to the impact of the previous three years on employee well-being and how they're planning for the future.

Study methodology

The study identifies health and wellbeing programme trends across large international employers.



Regions represent 347 employers located in APAC, EMEA or LATAM.



Employers represent global companies with 3,000+ workers.



Respondents include decision-makers in human resources, executive, management or health and wellbeing roles.



The survey was administered online from 7 April to 5 May, 2022.

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Global employer insights

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Topic 1

How has the pandemic continued to reshape work?

Global employers report on how the pandemic has impacted physical office locations and work schedules.

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Topic 2

Using H&W offerings to manage staff churn and attract talent

Learn how H&W programmes have impacted recruitment and retention.

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Topic 3

Health and wellbeing now a top priority, say employers

Optum surveyed 347 global employers and found employee health and wellbeing is a top priority — and it’s increasing in importance over time.

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Topic 4

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in APAC?

Effective health and wellbeing (H&W) programme promotion and motivating employees to participate are among current challenges.

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Topic 5

Do employers care about employee financial wellbeing?

Global employers weigh in on the importance of employee financial health in health and wellbeing (H&W) strategy.

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Topic 6

How are hybrid work schedules impacting programme offerings?

We asked 347 global employers about how hybrid work schedules are impacting health and wellbeing (H&W) offerings.

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Topic 7

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in LATAM?

Employers in LATAM region said employee physical and mental health are the greatest challenges for their health and wellbeing programmes.

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Topic 8

How are global employers driving employee engagement in health and wellness programmes?

Optum surveyed 347 global employers to better understand current health and wellbeing (H&W) practices. 

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Topic 9

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in EMEA?

Companies in EMEA said understanding employees’ needs was one of their main challenges.

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Workplace Wellbeing

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