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The Military Health System Nurse Advice Line

Since 2018, Optum Serve has managed the Military Health System’s Nurse Advice Line (NAL), which provides timely access to health care services for more than 9 million MHS beneficiaries worldwide. From helping military families with health care concerns to making acute care appointments, the NAL provides full nurse triage services, health care advice, appointment scheduling and care coordination for beneficiaries. In 30 seconds or less, NAL users can reach a nurse directly for advice or a care coordinator for customer service. The NAL averages about 1,200 patient encounters per day.

Reserve Health Readiness Program

Optum Serve supported the DoD for over 20 years to help increase the health readiness status of reservists under the Reserve Health Readiness Program by administering health assessments, dental, audiology, vision, radiology, laboratory, immunization and physical exam services to U.S. Military Service Members.

Between 2001 and 2023, Optum Serve provided more than 432,000 reservists with health readiness exams through the program, helping to ensure our country’s military was physically and mentally ready to deploy.

U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM)

Optum Serve supports all 66 Military Entrance Processing Commands as part of the USMEPCOM Medical Referral Services contract, which provides specialty health consultations and diagnostic tests for U.S. military applicants. 

If a MEPS physician identifies a potential concern during a routine examination of an applicant, they will refer that applicant to a network provider for a specialty consult or diagnostic testing. The provider assesses the applicant and provides feedback to the MEPS physician that will assist in their determination of the applicant’s medical qualifications to serve. 

Specialty physician consultations include allergy, audiology, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, ENT, podiatry, optometry, psychology, psychiatry, internal medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedic, pulmonology and urology, as well as medical and laboratory diagnostic testing services.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (DoD and VA)

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are designed to inform shared decision-making by clinicians and patients regarding diagnosis, treatment and other care management. In particular, evidence-based CPGs are informed by a rigorous methodology including systematic reviews of evidence and assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options. 

For a joint program between the VA and DoD, Optum Serve leverages an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, health services researchers and health informaticians to facilitate and provide technical and managerial support on more than 20 CPGs, including guidelines on asthma, chronic kidney disease, concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, diabetes, hypertension, low back pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and acute stress reaction, and opioid therapy for chronic pain. 

Properly implemented, evidence-based CPGs support high-quality care, reduce errors, improve patient outcomes and promote health care system accountability.