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BriovaRx Specialty Pharmacy and BriovaRx Infusion Services are changing names to Optum Specialty Pharmacy and Optum Infusion Pharmacy. The brand transition will continue through 2020 as pharmacy licenses are updated, and both logos will remain in market during this time.


At Optum Specialty Pharmacy, we go beyond the traditional specialty approach to help patients manage their whole health picture and our clients reduce their overall health care costs. 

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Briova Rx Therapy Solutions

[Briova Rx Logo]

I couldn’t believe it when the doctor told me. 

Is this something I’ll have to deal with forever?

And all that medication… how much is that going to cost? Will it make me sick?

I can’t afford to miss any more work.

I just want to get on with my life.

 I’m so glad I made that call.

I know I can’t manage this alone. …I don’t have to.

My first call was with Carrie—and she did it all. 

She helped me figure out how to pay for my medication and introduced me to my very own support team.

It’s great to be able to talk with the same people every time I call. 

They know me. And I feel like they really care.

This has been hard for me.

Sometimes.. I’m pretty down.

They know the right questions to ask to get me the support I need.

No one likes to hear bad news from their doctor.

But it helps to know I’m not alone.

My team is helping me get through it.

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Creating connections

Through the power of Optum, we leverage important health care connections across the continuum to improve overall health outcomes and adherence. 

Watch to see how we are supporting patients through personalized, condition-specific videos, keeping them on the path to better health. 

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BriovaRx Community Promo Video

(Amanda- psoriasis patient)

Amanda- From the very beginning you know you have a lot of questions, you don’t know how people are going to react.

Amanda- You kind of have in your head all these scenarios of how extreme it may be. It’s just easier to be able to deal with it if you’re seeing a video off someone who actually deals with it on a daily basis and really knows what you’re going through and know the anxiety of not knowing what’s going to happen especially if you’re starting a brand-new medication.

(briovaRxÒ logo)

(Introducing BriovaCommunity™)

(Jeremy Garris, RPh- BriovaRxÒ pharmacist)

Jeremy- At briovaRxÒ we realize that specialty patients require additional support and guidance in managing their complex conditions. This insures they better understand their complicated therapy regimes, take their medications as prescribed- that’s why we’ve created BriovaCommunity™

Jeremy- A collection of personalized videos for our patients to help them navigate their unique health care journeys.

Jeremy- These videos provide patients with education on conditions, medication regimens and side effect management. They also offer helpful tips and lifestyle advice while going through treatment, inspiring testimonials from patients with the same conditions.

Jeremy- Patients are also introduced to their briovaRxÒ pharmacists, so that they can be assured when briovaRxÒ is here as a trusted advisor whenever they need us.

(Caroline- psoriasis patient)

Caroline- Just to hear some testimonials in terms of what people went through, to of had that would’ve been great and very reassuring.

(Matt- psoriatic arthritis patient)

Matt- In the doctor’s office when they show you how to do it, you’re so flustered by the fact that you just got the medication, you just got the diagnosis, he’s telling you all the different side effects to the cost of the medication and then he’s like oh by the way this is how you inject it, whoosh and you’re just like dude what so, that would’ve been extremely helpful.

(Jon- leukemia patient)

Jon- By seeing a video of someone else even if it’s tendentially related diagnosis that you’re not alone and you can witness how other people cope and manage the stress of having such a disease or an illness.

Jeremy- BriovaCommunity™ videos are sent by email or text message to patients in critical points throughout their treatment. In addition to educational information and adherence support, BriovaCommunity™ videos encourage patients to reach out to their briovaRxÒ  pharmacists or providers with any questions or concerns further helping them live healthier lives.

Jeremy- Patients interested in becoming a part of BriovaCommunity™ can call their briovaRxÒ  pharmacy and get started. They can also opt in through the briovaRxÒ  website.

(BriovaCommunity™ Program Results- 97% of patients better understand their condition, 95% feel more confident taking their treatment, 97% of patients are satisfied with the program, 100% would recommend the program.)

(briovaRxÒ logo)

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Providing support

Through our personalized approach to care and condition-specific expertise, our patients have the clinical and financial support as well as the engagement tools they need to stay on track for better overall health.

See how patients can receive personalized support with our live video counseling services.

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