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Who is Optum Specialty Pharmacy?

We go beyond the traditional specialty pharmacy approach to help patients manage their whole health. Providing care based on the individual's specific needs, we can manage the total cost of care. Through this, we help our clients achieve better outcomes while reducing their overall health care cost.

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Amanda:                                  In the very beginning, you have a lot of questions, you don't know how people are going to react. You kind of have in your head all these scenarios of how extreme it may be. It's just easier to be able to deal with it if you're seeing a video of someone who actually deals with it on a daily basis and really knows what you're going through and know that the anxiety of not knowing what's going to happen, especially if you're starting on brand new medication.

Jeremy Garris:                      At Optum Specialty Pharmacy, we realize that specialty patients require additional support and guidance in managing their complex conditions in order to better understand complicated therapy regimens, take their medications as prescribed. That's why we've created Optum Connections video series, a collection of personalized videos for our patients to help them navigate their unique healthcare journeys. These videos provide patients with education on their conditions, side effect management and support tools related to one specialty condition. The videos also offer helpful tips and lifestyle advice while one is going through treatment, as well as providing inspiring testimonials from patients with the same conditions. Patients are also introduced to Optum Specialty expert pharmacists and clinicians, so they can be assured that Optum Specialty Pharmacy is here as a trusted advisor whenever they need us.

Matt:                                          In the doctor's office, when they show you how to do it, you're so flustered by the fact that you just got the medication, just got the diagnosis, he's telling you all the different side effects, the cost of the medication, and then it's like, "Oh, and by the way, this is how you inject it." It's just like, "Dude, what?" So that would have been extremely helpful.

Jon:                                             By seeing a video of someone else, even if it's a tangentially related diagnosis that you're not alone, and that you can witness how other people cope and manage the stress of having such a disease or an illness.

Jeremy Garris:                      Our personalized video series is sent to patients by email or text at critical points throughout their treatment. In addition to educational information and inherence support, our video series encourages patients to reach out to their pharmacist or their provider with any questions or concerns. It's all designed to help patients optimally live a happier and healthier life. Patient's interest and in becoming part of Optum Connections can call their Optum Specialty Pharmacy to get started. We are grateful to be able to serve your needs at Optum Specialty Pharmacy and hope that these videos provide the support and education you may need along your journey.

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