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Life sciences solutions: Turning evidence into action

We connect data. We connect ideas. We connect the life sciences industry to the rest of the health care ecosystem to catalyze innovation and impact.


Our data and insights help accelerate innovation and adoption

Life sciences leaders trust our robust real-world data and experienced consultants to connect the dots in ways that answer tough questions, illuminate new possibilities and improve patients’ lives.



6 Trends Shaping Pharma Strategies In 2024

A panel of experts from Advisory Board and Optum Life Sciences explains why they believe 2024 is a pivotal year for the entire pharmaceutical value chain.

The need for trusted, actionable evidence has never been greater

With our robust life sciences solutions, we can help you navigate the interdependencies and conflicting incentives within the current health care ecosystem.


Generate evidence

Unlock insights from the industry’s largest repository of longitudinal, linked real-world data.


Elevate your value story

Engage our experts to anticipate and address the demands of payers, providers, patients and regulators throughout the product lifecycle.


Put theory into practice

Leverage our enterprise connections across all sectors of health care to accelerate clinical development and improve population health.

Solutions for life sciences companies

From data to insight to action, we catalyze clinical innovation

Cutting-edge, enriched data. Unparalleled security and support.

Expert teams who know how to solve your trickiest problems

Narrow the gap between ideas and impact

Analyst recognition

Optum continues to be a proven leader across a wide range of services and solutions.

Frost & Sullivan

Optum Life Sciences named Company of the Year

IDC MarketScape

Optum positioned as a leader

HFS Horizons

HFS named Optum an 'Enterprise Innovator’ in its 2023 Life Sciences Horizons report.


The 7 trends shaping life sciences strategies in 2023

Optum and Advisory Board market experts come together to give their take on the key trends that will shape life sciences strategies in 2023.

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Cross-industry conversations featuring Optum experts

Inside the science of genetics and genomics by STAT

Explore the evolving research into human genetics and genomics, the promise of gene therapies, and the questions faced in the years ahead.

Inform population-level care with RWD and RWE

Optum and Amgen experts share best practices for using RWD to address questions across the clinical and drug development life cycle.

RWE is critical to the whole health care ecosystem

Lou Brooks, SVP of Real-World Data and Analytics, joins the Radio Advisory podcast to talk about the evolving world of clinical evidence.