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The increasing potential of genomic data

Hear from industry experts during this Endpoints News webinar on the ever-increasing importance of clinicogenomic data.

Accelerate drug development with clinicogenomic RWE

Join our panel of experts during this Endpoints News webinar as they explore the ever-increasing importance of clinicogenomic data, highlighting:

  • The importance of diverse phenotypic and genotypic profiles
  • Improving regulatory approval outcomes
  • Identifying new biomarkers for treatment response
  • Label expansion by expanding existing treatments to new cohorts or conditions
  • Using real-world evidence (RWE) as digital control arms for clinical trials

Our panel

Dr. Ashley Brenton, Vice President, Real-World Evidence and Genomics, Optum Life Sciences
Dr. Nuray Yurt, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, Novartis Oncology
Naveen Kumar, Founder and Head, GuardantINFORM
Eze Abosi, Vice President, New Products, Optum Life Sciences (moderator)

See how Optum clinicogenomics can help fuel your next discovery