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The State of Equity in America

Dr. Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, Optum VP of Health Equity Analytics, discusses a data-driven strategy for equitable health outcomes.


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Applying health equity through action and evidence

Equity impacts every corner of health care. Payers, providers, policymakers and regulators recognize the need to move upstream to address social determinants of health and health equity.

U.S. News & World Report recently held “The State of Equity in America” forum to discuss health and financial equity. During the event, Dr. Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi shared a solution framework for applying health equity that includes:

  • Developing a data-driven strategy 
  • Conducting pilots 
  • Leveraging innovative partnerships 
  • Aligning incentives 
  • Measuring and reporting on outcomes

Find out more about how this framework was applied in the latest use cases. See how a long-term commitment to equity can have a measurable impact.

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