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The Optum care model in your community

Deliver specialized health care benefits to your residents

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Ensure coordinated community care

The Optum® care model and UnitedHealthcare® Assisted Living Plan help to support residents who need an institutionalized level of care. Coordinated care is delivered through an advanced practice clinician who acts as a single point of contact between staff, residents, family members and broader care team. Find out how we can help to increase resident length of stay and reduce hospital readmissions.

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Video: Senior Housing Care Model | Optum

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The number of adults over age 65 is

estimated to increase by 3.2% each year.


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Are you ready to serve the needs

of this growing population?


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The Optum care model and the UnitedHealthcare

Assisted Living Plan may be able to help.


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This smart solution is designed

to care for your residents


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who require an institutional level of care.


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Here’s how it works.


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When your residents become members,


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they receive health care benefits

and highly coordinated care.


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The benefits go well beyond standard Medicare.


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Members get 24/7 telephonic support

as well as benefits for dental, vision,


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hearing aids and even transportation.


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Coordinated care is delivered through

an advanced practice clinician, or APC.


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The APC works with your staff,

residents and the broader care team.


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With the member’s permission, the APC

also reaches out to the resident’s family,


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operating as a single point of contact

between all care providers and family members,


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ensuring clear, frequent communication.


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Without this level of coordination,

potential gaps in care may arise,


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and there’s a risk of not

getting truly coordinated care.


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For example, let’s say a resident at

your community develops an infection.


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They are taken to a hospital for care,

but there’s no APC serving as a link


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between the hospital staff and your staff.


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Without an APC communicating

with the hospital staff,


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they’re not aware of the resident’s chronic conditions,

medications or advanced care plan.


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In addition, the APC can help communicate details

about the resident’s return and care required.


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Assisted living communities that have partnered

with us are seeing the model’s value.


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They’ve extended resident length of stay for

eight months longer than the national average


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and reduced hospital readmissions by 38%.


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Like the sound of those results?


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Put the power of a United benefits and

Care solutions to work at your community

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and elevate the experience for your residents.


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Learn more about the Optum care model and

the UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan


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at optum.com/alc.

Learn more about the Optum care model and UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan.