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New symmetry oncology analytics: Reduce costs and advance quality

Length: 45 minutes

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Our experts share how health care organizations can leverage new Optum software products, Symmetry Episode Treatment Groups ® (ETG ®) Oncology and Symmetry EBM Connect ® Oncology, to:

  • More accurately categorize oncology episodes for valid comparison
  • Capture and predict oncology costs with >90% accuracy
  • Identify opportunities to improve alignment of cancer care with evidence-based oncology treatment standards to positively impact clinical outcomes, care costs and member health
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Tim Stratford, VP

Jennifer Malin, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer
Health solutions

Julia Vaynerman, MS, director, Data Science
Clinical Analytics and Product Solutions

Lorre Ochs, MD, medical director
Clinical Analytics and Product Solutions

Peter Toensing, MD, medical director
Clinical Analytics and Product Solutions

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