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Optum My Wellbeing

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Optum My Wellbeing

Welcome to Optum My Wellbeing — an engaging and personally attuned tool that helps educate users about their health and motivates behavior change.

For employers, My Wellbeing provides information about employees’ health, which can be used to help understand their needs and develop strategies to support them. At Optum, we believe that the health of your business is only as good as the health of your employees.

Users start by accessing the online platform or downloading the app. They will provide basic information, including age, height, weight, gender, email address and location.

The information a user provides will generate their first health score. Backed by science and data, this number ranges from 1 to 1,000 and measures the combined health of the user’s body, mind and lifestyle.

The health score is dynamic and changes in real-time, revealing how lifestyle and daily choices can impact their health. Once the user understands their score, they can begin looking for ways to improve it.

My Wellbeing works proactively to help users stay engaged by completing tasks such as fitness activities, registering for coach-supported goals and tracking achievements.

All users have 24/7 access to an AI-powered digital coach who helps guide and motivate users to complete their goals. The coach can also personalize the experience by offering other wellbeing services — like the Employee Assistance Program — that are offered through the employer benefits program. The result is an experience that is integrated and highly engaging.

My Wellbeing also offers challenges that are designed to get employees to participate in different activities, providing a fun way to boost engagement. Employers can drive start and end dates of challenges to motivate employees and align with other initiatives. Employees can join company-wide challenges or create their own and invite their colleagues for a little friendly competition.

Users can share their activities, progress and milestones within the platform and on social media — creating an opportunity for others to provide support with words of encouragement and recognition.

My Wellbeing offers branding on multiple levels. Companies can customize with their logo, colors, local languages and even integrate with certain existing apps and services.

Optum provides employers with materials and resources that will help launch their program. We also provide insightful data about population risk and program outcomes to support corporate health improvement strategies. It’s our priority to ensure systems and data are confidential, safe, and secure in accordance with applicable laws.

Start building a culture of health in your workplace today by giving your employees a personalized tool that can help them reach their goals.


Optum My Wellbeing does not provide medical advice or other health services to users, and is not a substitute for users' doctors’ care. Users should talk to their doctor before significantly increasing their level of activity, particularly if users have a medical condition or have been inactive. User participation in the health survey is voluntary. User responses will be kept confidential in accordance with the law.

This program should not be used for emergency or urgent care needs. In an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. This program is not a substitute for a doctor's or professional's care. This program and its components may not be available in all states and coverage exclusions and limitations may apply.

Motivate more employees to take charge of their health.