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Kim DeMaise Service Hero

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[light music]

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- This is definitely my mobile office.

00:00:06:22 00:00:10:18
I drive between 100 and 120 miles a day.

00:00:10:19 00:00:14:19
My name is Kim DeMasie,
and I am a nurse practitioner in Indiana.

00:00:14:20 00:00:17:01
[music continues]

00:00:17:02 00:00:20:00
I've been with Optum for about four years.

00:00:20:01 00:00:23:11
I think seeing people in their home
is so important,

00:00:23:12 00:00:26:10
because we have to see people
where they are.

00:00:26:11 00:00:29:11
You find out what kind of neighborhood
that they live in,

00:00:29:12 00:00:31:06
if they feel safe in their neighborhood.

00:00:31:07 00:00:32:21
You get the whole picture.

00:00:32:22 00:00:36:16
This is where they live, and just treat
them with dignity and kindness.

00:00:36:17 00:00:42:17
[music continues]

00:00:43:17 00:00:46:05
Hi. How are you?

00:00:46:06 00:00:48:11
Okay, we're gonna review your medication,

00:00:48:12 00:00:51:01
so if you can pass your bottles
over here...

00:00:51:02 00:00:57:02
[music continues]

00:00:57:23 00:00:59:08
Take a deep breath and hold it.

00:00:59:09 00:01:01:10
I'm gonna write down
all your vital signs for you.

00:01:01:11 00:01:03:13
If we can make a difference
in somebody's life,

00:01:03:14 00:01:06:11
then that is the greatest reward
that I can get.

00:01:06:12 00:01:08:16
I'm gonna look in your ears and your eyes.

00:01:08:17 00:01:12:06
Well, I can see clear through there.
- [laughing]

00:01:12:07 00:01:16:10
Whether you've been healthy or not,
just to be reminded it's good to be alive.

00:01:16:11 00:01:19:00
- And you can just feel
that when she's here,

00:01:19:01 00:01:21:07
it's all about you.

00:01:21:08 00:01:23:03
You just feel loved and cared for.

00:01:23:04 00:01:26:05
- We're not just treating
their blood pressure that day.

00:01:26:06 00:01:30:13
It really opened my eyes
how important that is

00:01:30:14 00:01:34:20
to be that support person for other people
that are going through things.

00:01:34:21 00:01:39:21
[serious music]

00:01:39:22 00:01:43:03
I got the diagnosis--
"You have breast cancer."

00:01:43:04 00:01:48:03
And it was really earth-shattering
because I had always been the caregiver.

00:01:48:04 00:01:50:10
I had to go through four months of chemo.

00:01:50:11 00:01:52:16
We decided to do a mastectomy.

00:01:52:17 00:01:58:17
[music continues]

00:02:01:02 00:02:04:06
After the second breast cancer scare,

00:02:04:07 00:02:07:00
it makes you think about your life.

00:02:07:01 00:02:08:16
And life is very short.

00:02:08:17 00:02:10:22
We only have a certain number of days,

00:02:10:23 00:02:13:11
and you have to wake up every day
and make the most of that day

00:02:13:12 00:02:16:20
and just live it to its fullest.

00:02:16:21 00:02:20:18
[upbeat music]

00:02:20:19 00:02:25:03
Well, today is actually our 14th
anniversary of having the food pantry,

00:02:25:04 00:02:26:21
so it's a pretty big week for us.

00:02:26:22 00:02:30:07
I started it 14 years ago
in memory of my dad.

00:02:30:08 00:02:33:06
It's just steadily grown
with the community's help.

00:02:33:07 00:02:35:11
We have the Optum team here today,

00:02:35:12 00:02:38:21
some fellow nurse practitioners
that are helping serve the community.

00:02:38:22 00:02:44:22
[music continues]

00:02:48:07 00:02:51:06
Everybody has to feel accepted
and cared for.

00:02:51:07 00:02:54:11
A good day is when I feel
like I've helped somebody.

00:02:54:12 00:02:56:01
It's very fulfilling.

00:02:56:02 00:03:02:02
[music continues]

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HouseCalls in action: Meet Kim

HouseCalls advanced practice clinicians (APCs) are dedicated to supporting the members that they serve and their communities. One HouseCalls APC, Kim, believes that a good day is when she feels like she's helped somebody. Watch the video to see her story.

Learn how HouseCalls helps to manage care and improve quality.