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Get ahead of 3 pharmacy trends that will affect your plan

Find out what’s changing the pharmacy market and how it could impact you.

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See how these trends are reshaping pharmacy

As new but more expensive drugs continue to enter the market, managing the rising cost of prescription drugs has become even more difficult for plan sponsors. 

We’ve outlined 3 ways to tackle these trends.

  • Harness the powers of biosimilars
  • Apply clinical rigor to weight loss drugs
  • Account for gene therapy risk

Get ahead now

Talk to your Optum Rx representative to learn more about these trends and how we are helping plan sponsors get ahead.

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The next biosimilar wave has arrived. Now what?

In this conversation, learn about a new class of biosimilars and what this means for competition, cost and volume in the PBM market.
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Gene therapy: How to prepare for a growing pipeline

The unprecedented cost of gene therapies requires a fundamental rethinking of how treatment costs are managed.
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GLP-1 agonists: A new class of weight loss medications

In this conversation, discover how new weight loss drugs like Wegovy are changing obesity management and their connection to diabetes.