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Drive financial success with intelligent tech

Discover innovative strategies to improve financial health.

This webinar explores how intelligent technologies and automation can help address workforce challenges, improve the accuracy of process outcomes, and drive financial health and overall quality.


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Innovation, automation enhance performance

For hospitals, financial and operational challenges were mounting even before COVID-19. Worker shortages and cost pressures have providers looking to technology. It can help boost overall productivity, shore up staff shortfalls and improve financial performance.

Intelligent technologies and automation can help drive financial health and overall quality. Learn innovative strategies to ensure revenue integrity. Free up capital for investments that support better patient financial experience.

Watch this webinar to gain insights into: 

  • Deploying technologies such as artificial intelligence and optimizing value from existing EMR investments
  • Supporting more agile resource allocation to help you manage through labor shortages
  • Evaluating technology investments to solve current and anticipated business challenges
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Featured speakers

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K.R. Prabha

Vice President, Strategy, Growth and Innovation, Optum

K. R. Prabha partners with boards of directors, C-suite and senior executives to develop transformative growth strategies, formulate digital journeys and realign operating models.

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Marc Morhack, CRCE-I

Senior Director, Optum Advisory Services

Marc Morhack is responsible for revenue cycle automation solutions at Optum and helps health systems define comprehensive revenue cycle strategies to optimize their return on investments and scale automation.

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Matthew Kinney

Senior Client Partner, Optum Advisory Services

Matthew Kinney leads efforts around consumerism in health care, pushing the boundaries of industry thinking to flip the model on how people engage and pay for wellness and care.