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Optum Evidence Engine

Enabling market access and evidence development for genomics in health care.


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The process to validate emerging health technologies can be ambiguous, slow and expensive, ultimately limiting physician and patient access to medical innovation.​ The Optum Evidence Engine helps test and application developers navigate how to best bring their products to market. Leveraging unique real-world data, connectivity across the health care system and clinical and industry expertise, clients are guided in their journey to obtain coverage and adoption.

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Generating real-world evidence

Answer key research questions and better assess unmet needs with real-world claims and clinical data. For emerging and mature technologies, partner with us to link test results to utilization, outcomes and spend data to generate evidence.

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Preparing clients for success

Get help to prepare evidence and value propositions with payers and providers. Actionable insights inform the evidence roadmap and future product development, leading to the adoption of safe and effective emerging health technologies.

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Forming groundbreaking collaborations

We are collaborating with Illumina, an industry leader in next-generation sequencing. Initial focus areas include evidence generation to advance personalized medicine, including cancer treatment selection, genetic disease risk identification and drug metabolism.

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Learn more about how Optum Evidence Engine can work for you.

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