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Optum Rx Drug Pipeline Insights Reports

Read the most recent quarterly reports on new drugs coming down the pipeline.

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Your source for what’s new and important in the drug industry

It used to be that new drugs coming to market could be left to medical professionals and other specialists. That’s no longer the case.

Now, every day seems to bring news of some startling advance. New drugs and drug technologies are revolutionizing medical practice — and breaking budgets. That affects everyone, including doctors, patients and especially those who must pay.

The Optum Rx Drug Pipeline Insights Report can help keep you up to date. Biologics, biosimilars, gene therapies, orphan drugs, lower-cost generics — we cover the most critical developments.

Our most recent reports are available for download, below. Check back on a quarterly basis for the latest drugs to watch.

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First big drugs for 2024

Read the winter edition of the Drug Pipeline Insights Report for a review of:

  • First approved drug for negative symptoms of schizophrenia
  • First-in-class treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • First FDA-approved drug for NASH

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Exciting advances for sickle cell, chronic obesity, Alzheimer’s

See potential cures for sickle cell and new help for chronic obesity and Alzheimer’s, along with how they work and how much they cost.
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Drugs to Watch in summer 2023: New therapies

New drugs for postpartum depression, dermatitis and blindness are coming.
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3 new first-in-class therapies coming

See how innovation is driving the latest product development.