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Transform Specialty Drug Management

Eliminate the burden of managing specialty drug strategies separately across medical and pharmacy benefits. Optum® Specialty Fusion™ brings it all together for better care at a lower cost.

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A new way to manage specialty drug spend

Specialty drugs are a leading driver of health care costs and they are expected reach $665 billion by the end of 2024. As these costs continue to rise, traditional methods for managing specialty drugs independently on either the medical or pharmacy benefit no longer work.


Specialty Fusion™ offers a cross-benefit approach to specialty drug management. In real time, this dynamic prior authorization platform analyzes every possible combination of medication, benefit and site of care to determine the most clinically appropriate and cost effective treatment for a patient. The end result is a reduced time to treatment while lowering the total cost of care.



Faster time to therapy for patients1

Up to $15 PMPM

Medical and pharmacy savings2



Provider NPS3


Specialty Fusion for one-stop specialty drug management

Bring medical and pharmacy benefits together with Specialty Fusion™, your one-stop, solution for total specialty drug management.


Case study

Taking control of specialty drug costs

Explore this case study to see how sustained specialty drug savings can be achieved with Specialty Fusion.



The specialty pharmacy carve-out stampede. What gives?

Discover strategies for reducing client attrition due to specialty pharmacy carve-outs.

Press release

Optum launches Specialty Fusion

First-to-market solution helps health care payers manage the increasing cost of specialty medicines, delivering up to 17% savings across medical and pharmacy spend.


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  1. Electronic PA at the point of prescribing; AMA Survey 2019 
  2. Optum Internal Analysis. Actual savings potential will vary based on plan sponsors who have low to highly managed programs in place.
  3. Provider NPS based on Sept. 2020 Optum Book of Business analysis. Auto-approval, denial  and turn around time Aug. 2020 – Oct. 2020 CGP Book of Business analysis