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Credit Balance

Maximize savings through overpayment recovery.

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Maximize recovery

Our highly trained experts — supported by technology and advanced analytics — work together with health plans and providers to identify, research and resolve overpaid claims while preventing future overpayments. We help maximize your recoveries across all lines of business, reducing recovery time, administrative costs and medical expenses.

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Strengthen provider relationships

Our dedicated experts work with more than 1,500 providers and research, support and communicate with them every day. Coordinating with your internal review efforts, we leverage our existing provider partnerships, expertise and access to information to maximize your recovery efforts.

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Simplify your recovery process

Our portal enables health plans to securely access identified overpaid claims in real time. By digitizing the communication process, we eliminate back-and-forth, enhance transparency and reduce recovery turnaround times.

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Move from recovery to prevention

Using advanced analytics, we identify the issues that cause overpayments and ongoing claim errors, and provide opportunities to prevent them in the future.

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