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Credit Balance

Resolve overpaid claims quickly while maintaining positive provider relationships and reducing recovery turnaround time.

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Reduce credit balance and prevent overpayment

Our team of subject matter experts is dedicated to researching and resolving credit balance accounts across all lines of business. We have staff who work on site at 1,200+ provider offices nationwide.

Our on-site team is supported by remote staff who research, support and communicate with providers every day. We focus on processes and systems that initially cause credit balance and identify opportunities to prevent future overpayments.

Our strong provider relationships, expertise and access to on-site information facilitate claim adjudication from both health plan and provider points of view. The result is improved communication and patient account resolution.

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What makes our Credit Balance unique?

Our experienced analysts work on site to expedite account resolution and enhance transparency between providers and health plans. This process also drives prevention of future overpayments.

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Credit Balance results

We have recovered more than $11 billion in credit balance refunds over the past 20 years.

Add Credit Balance to your payment integrity portfolio today.