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Government Programs Advisory Services

We help health plans compete in a changing regulatory environment, stay agile and build for the future.


Enabling growth and market relevance

Whether you’re trying to grow into Medicare Advantage or duals products or planning for an RFP for managed Medicaid business, we're here to help. You need to be able to win bids, reduce costs and meet regulations. 

We offer end-to-end growth and optimization services through our breadth of expertise at a national level along with deep local insights.

Our government programs advisory services deliver expertise for health plans with government program lines of business (Medicaid, Medicare, MA, D-SNP, etc.). We help them prepare for future growth and create winning Medicaid RFP proposals. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Government strategy
  • Modernization initiatives
  • Compliance and regulatory services
  • Medicaid RFP enablement and proposal writing
  • Contract implementations

Our offerings



Government strategy and modernization initiatives

Pre-RFP strategy


RFP, compliance and regulatory services

White paper

Mastering growth with government contracts

Government health programs are experiencing significant surges in enrollment. Here’s a quick look at emerging opportunities in Medicare and Medicaid populations and what health plans need to consider if they want to win and successfully manage government contracts.


Learn how Optum Advisory Services can help you determine and reach your organization's goals.