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Social responsibility

Together we can help our communities thrive

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest life.


Our commitment

At Optum, social responsibility means advancing health equity for all

We work with local communities to remove barriers and provide equal access to quality care. Every interaction with each person we serve is an opportunity to act with compassion and deliver equitable, culturally competent care and support.


Health equity

We focus on advancing health equity in three areas

  • Empowering the Optum team
  • For you and your community
  • Across the health care system

Empowering the Optum team

Driving meaningful impact in our communities

Beyond their full-time roles, our team members are making lasting impact in the communities we serve. In our Impact Report, hear from employees and our community partners on how volunteering is making a difference.

Optum employees at a volunteer event

For you and your community

Working toward equitable health — for all

Creating a world where every person has equal access to affordable, quality health care — when and where they want it — is the goal. View our Health Equity e-book to see how we are partnering to expand access and close gaps in care, one individual and community at a time. 

How we work across the health care system

Partnering to improve outcomes for all pregnant mothers and babies

Pregnant woman

Optum is working to reverse the maternal health crisis by:

  • Leveraging our assets, expertise and big data insights to improve care
  • Launching pilot programs in Optum clinics aimed at decreasing maternal morbidity
  • Providing $1.4 million in maternal health grants — and pro bono services — to numerous community organizations

Optum has partnered with the Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM) to launch a doula training program for women who have been released from prison, helping create a more diverse health care workforce. Doulas provide prenatal and birth support and postpartum care to women in prison as well as non-incarcerated women.

Meet our Health Ambassadors

Doing good for your health comes in many forms

Optum and our Health Ambassadors, including Rory McIlroy, share a collective mission to build healthier communities. That passion comes through in Rory’s mission to connect with kids to help empower them to live life to the fullest. See how we’re working together to make a difference.

Rory McIlroy at The Players