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Optum Physical Therapy Collaborative

This program helps enhance physical therapy services and promote positive outcomes for people with hemophilia.


A hemophilia physical therapy solution

Optum® Physical Therapy Collaborative (OPTC) is a program designed to enhance physical therapy services and promote positive outcomes for people with hemophilia. The program recognizes that:

  • People who have hemophilia have unique challenges from bleeding in their muscles and joints.
  • Access to physical therapy is a key part of overall care to help with muscle and joint bleeds.
  • Most physical therapists are not trained in this condition.

What does OPTC offer?

  • A connection between a local treating therapist and an OPTC physical therapist who specializes in hemophilia and related bleeding disorders
  • Opportunities for specialized training of local physical therapists to learn more about hemophilia and its impact on the musculoskeletal system
  • A liaison between you, your physical therapist, and other members of your care team

Who qualifies for OPTC?

You may qualify if your bleeds have caused problems that keep parts of your body from working right. This could happen when you:

  • Have an acute tissue, muscle or joint injury
  • Are going through pre- or-post-operative rehabilitation
  • Have chronic synovitis (inflammation of your synovial membranes)
  • Have “target joints” that have had recurring bleeds
  • Have hemophilic arthritis in a joint

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  • Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia (GT)
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